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• GURU’s own infused scented squeaker inside
• Uniquely scented plush:
   ‘Strawberry’ Frog
   ‘Vanilla’ Dog
   ‘Honey’ Bear
   ‘Bacon’ Pig
   ‘Peanut Butter’ Hedgehog
   ‘Banana’ Monkey
• Two layers of fabric for longer play
• Squeaks
• Crinkles
• Scented squeaker made with durable ChewPro™


This patent-pending innovative plush toy smells, squeaks and crinkles. But what makes these plush truly unique is that they include an infused scented squeaker made with Chew Pro™, GURU’s ultra-durable, custom, non-toxic thermoplastic rubber formulated specifically for tough chew sessions. Encouraging longer independent play, each of the six characters have a different scent, including bacon, peanut butter, vanilla, banana and honey. Two layers of fabric adds durability for longer play.


Product Dimensions: 11”L x 7”W x 3.75”H
Product Weight: 5.1oz / .32 lb

Sizing is a general recommendation, however all dogs chew differently and it is important to size appropriately for your dog.

GURU Soft Scents Bears

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