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• Durable chew bone with spinning treat dispenser
• Keeps dogs busy and occupied
• Made for serious chewers
• Bacon flavored chewable ends
• No sharp edges or points that can damage gums
• Clean&Polish™ dental texture. Cleans while they chew.
• Made with Chew Perfect™


Product Dimensions: 6.9”L x 3.0”W x 2.75”H
Product Weight: 9.1oz / .57 lb
Recommended for dogs up to 60lbs 

Sizing is a general recommendation, however all dogs chew differently and it is important to size appropriately for your dog.


The perfect combo of durable chew bone and a spinning treat dispenser, the Spin & Chew Bone allows for safe, long-lasting chew and play sessions. The toy features Chew Perfect™ bone ends that are made from GURU’s non-toxic nylon wood bacon-scented chew material that is designed for a dog’s safety and satisfaction. In the middle is a spinning center treat dispenser that keeps dogs busy and occupied for hours. The bone also features Clean & Polish™, GURU’s exclusive surface texturing designed to help clean and polish teeth.

GURU Spin & Chew Bone

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