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Fishy taste so delishy!

They may not be the prettiest looking treats, but we guarantee they're about the tastiest, natural-est, good-for-doggos-and-the-earth-est treats this side of the butcher block. 

No artifical ingredients. Just freeze dried to lock in all the natural goodness of the fishy.

Oh yeah, trout is brimming with omega-3 fatty acids, niacin and B12 vitamins supporting those loving hearts, that ever thinking brain, those nerves and is extremely high in protein supporting cell and muscle health. 

Yes happy tummies.

Order size is 2 pounds. 

Crude Protein (Min %) 90%

Crude Fat (Min %) 1%

Crude Fiber (Max%) 1%

Moisture (Max %) 12%

Calorie Content, Calories/treat ME 3522.8 kcal/kg, 99.87 kcal/oz

Trout Heads

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